5 days, 11 hours to go

As I have finally decided what I am going to be writing about. I’m putting together my plans and working out those important facts.

I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to numbers, like birthdays and anniversaries. I like things to add up, and I like them to be consistent. I learned early on that I am bad a stuff like this, unless I manage to write it all down before hand.

Still working on a system for keeping track of everything… if anyone has any good ways, please let me know.

Any how I have three women and three gorgeous stories to write about them. I’m hoping to hit my 50,000 word target.

Happy Writing
VH x


Preparations in Progress…

I’m currently finishing off with the dreg ends of my Student life… I’ve nearly finished unpacking everything I collected at University this year.

I have all of my notebooks located, and all of my idea files, including my story bible. If the worst should happen and I need to begin again, I can always rewrite an existing story.

Starting Monday I’m going to be writing drabbles, and generally setting myself some writing sprints. (feel free to send any prompts my way).

I’m leaving my target at 50,000 words; there’s no point going any higher, cause I have the feeling that I am going to struggle to get that far, but I want to be able to say I managed the target. Especially as I don’t know whether I’ll be able to compete in November yet. It will all depend on University and Work.

VH x

An Early Beginning

Having missed the April edition of Camp NaNoWriMo due to coursework deadlines I’ve taken it upon myself to prepare for the July competition.

I’ve enjoyed taking part in previous competitions, I’ve found that even if I do not finish there is a thrill. Requiring to spend a couple of hours writing every day during the competition is a brilliant help at becoming organised. With the main event being in November, and very close to the beginning of the Uni term it’s so helpful after a summer of being a lazy student.

Today appears to be very early for July, but I want to be prepared. This time I plan on writing a completely original work instead of my usual fan-fiction. I thought that for this year I would be prepared.