Day 12 (Or a belated Day 11)

My camping journey has come to a sharp end. Yesterday I received exam results for my first year at University; they aren’t pretty.

I’ve got three exams to resit, and they are scheduled for the end of August; so not much time.

So I end my July camp on a respectable word count of 11625.

I would like to thank all of you who followed me, there will be writing updates throughout the year, not just during nano. But I have to pack away my characters and pull out the textbooks.

see you later.



A big move

I have recently decided that as this is my blog for all things creative, I shall be moving my creative posts here.

Current posts will stay on the sister blog patchwork interpretations, and any future posts will be here.

Also I am going to be changing my fanfiction username to make it easier for users to find me.