Novel Ideas

I’ve been reading and watching a lot of Austen and Period Drama towards the end of the summer, and I’ve found myself wanting to write my own historical novel. Some how I think it’s likely to end up as a Gothic Romance, but it’s an idea all the same.

Cadie, who if you read the other blog you may know is my roommate, had a bit of a raid through my writing journals. Glad she didn’t find the truly embarrassing ones, but I will endeavour to hide my more racy journals better, just in case. She found an excerpt from the beginning of an idea… that’s all it was meant to be, but demanded that if I ever had the time that I write it.

Yesterday I had a look at the excerpt again and found myself wondering what I would actually do with it. I have two characters, Baron Etchdale and Lucinda “Lucy” Armitage. I have very little background for my characters, other than Lucy being of a wealthy family with the fortune entailed to her first son should she marry and the Baron being an older man, a rake and a gambler, whose money is running out.

The snippet I wrote was of a dark and dimly lit scene, where Baron Etchdale is dragging Lucy towards the dungeons and a possibly horrid fate. It just appeared as I took my seat to write, so I wrote it down. I expected nothing to come of it, there still may be nothing that may grow out of it. But it is a start. I have been wondering as to whether I would try my hand at a historical novel for November. But we shall see how it goes. I may find myself setting aside an hour here and there for research during October.

So long for now

VH x


Moving Forwards

I’m back after a long time away. And you know what? It feels good to be home.

I think my exams went well, I’m hoping they went better. But time will tell and while I wait for the exam results I’m free to write as much as I want. I’ve got about a week before the exam results are due, and while inspiration is around and there is time to spare I shall use it.

There has been little that I have managed to write at all for a while, most of my last nano novel was absolute drivel. I have some solid plans, I just don’t think my head was really willing to cooperate. I’m going to have my plan ready and my diary organized so that I can plan some real writing time into November. I don’t plan on finishing, but I would like to make a good start.