Day 12 (Or a belated Day 11)

My camping journey has come to a sharp end. Yesterday I received exam results for my first year at University; they aren’t pretty.

I’ve got three exams to resit, and they are scheduled for the end of August; so not much time.

So I end my July camp on a respectable word count of 11625.

I would like to thank all of you who followed me, there will be writing updates throughout the year, not just during nano. But I have to pack away my characters and pull out the textbooks.

see you later.



Day 10…

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m still here.

I’ve recently started a summer job, working 9 til 9 during the day while is pushing me to draft on paper and type up at the weekend, or whenever I have an afternoon.

I’ve just passed the 10k mark, and I’m hoping that I can catch up with my word count. Although I’m just trying to keep going at the moment, I’ll worry about the word count later. I’ve just added an extra thousand to my word count, and I hope that once I get back to my computer I’ll be able to push that word count up a bit higher. If not there are hundreds of uncounted words in ink sitting quietly in my notebook.

Golden Era? Rocking out to the oldies

I’ve recently discovered that I can play radio through my iTunes 🙂 so I’ve discovered some new (old) novel writing music.

I grew up listening to my Dad’s vinyl records, listening to echoes of musical past coming from the record player. And I loved it. As I’ve grown I’ve connected more with the Motown era, stretching through the British Invasion and of course Glam Rock.

I never realised how much I missed it, or how many songs knew the words to until I found the songs on CD and radio. I have long wished to have my dad’s record collection, and wished so much to have friends who would understand my musical taste. The ‘old’ stuff isn’t rubbish, it’s what built the foundations for modern music.

So I’m listening to my “Old” music, and writing my novel, and I’m enjoying it.

Rock On!

Day 1

Today marks the beginning of my writing holiday… and honestly I haven’t done much of it. I finished all of my outlining last night, there are a few bits and pieces which will be panned as I go along, but the general ideas are there.

As of yet I haven’t even looked at my notebooks. I keep telling myself that doing nothing will not get to that word target, but motivation is lacking. With having Mum’s birthday to prepare for (wrapping presents and baking a cake) and waiting for the Sky man to bring hope back home (we’re waiting for a new broadband router) I just haven’t found myself wanting to write.

I get lost in my words sometimes, and that doesn’t help when I’m meant to be listening out for the front door…

5 days, 11 hours to go

As I have finally decided what I am going to be writing about. I’m putting together my plans and working out those important facts.

I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to numbers, like birthdays and anniversaries. I like things to add up, and I like them to be consistent. I learned early on that I am bad a stuff like this, unless I manage to write it all down before hand.

Still working on a system for keeping track of everything… if anyone has any good ways, please let me know.

Any how I have three women and three gorgeous stories to write about them. I’m hoping to hit my 50,000 word target.

Happy Writing
VH x

Ink and Paper Bunnies

Today I’ve managed to plot and plan three short stories for my Camp Nano book. I’ve realised that as I haven’t written anything worth reading for a long time that it might be a little easier to begin with some pieces of fanfiction, and the “originals” will come along later. (With that thought, I’m wondering whether I should be transferring all of my writing things to this blog?)

Any how, while trying to plot and scheme I came up with my Idea for November… it’s definitely a November Entry as it’s going to require some research. That totals two writing projects that I am going to have to put a lot of extra work towards.

I’ve been writing stories for longer than I care to remember. There are old exercise books and jotters in this house somewhere with my first stories in them. I can honestly say that my writing has gotten better in some aspects, while the experiences of life have hindered my ability in others. I’ve only just discovered that I could self publish to a Kindle (or other e-reader), which is awesome.

It just appears that today is a good day for ideas, especially as I’ve rediscovered how wonderful it is to actually write instead of typing. I’m beginning to wonder why I have half finished projects on my computer instead of tucked away in notebooks. Because believe me I have lots of notebooks.

Any how I have more plotting, scheming and planning to finish: especially if I’m going to make the 50,000 word count next month.

VH x

Setting the Starting Line

As I’m now back home, and getting settled, it’s nearly time to set my novel information, and get everything set for July’s Camp Nano.

I have several ideas at the moment, but nothing that I could honestly make a 50,000 word novel out of.

Once everything is sorted out, I’m going to start with word sprints and iPod shuffle drabbles. Expect to see a lot of mishaps and random writings appear here.

VH x

An Early Beginning

Having missed the April edition of Camp NaNoWriMo due to coursework deadlines I’ve taken it upon myself to prepare for the July competition.

I’ve enjoyed taking part in previous competitions, I’ve found that even if I do not finish there is a thrill. Requiring to spend a couple of hours writing every day during the competition is a brilliant help at becoming organised. With the main event being in November, and very close to the beginning of the Uni term it’s so helpful after a summer of being a lazy student.

Today appears to be very early for July, but I want to be prepared. This time I plan on writing a completely original work instead of my usual fan-fiction. I thought that for this year I would be prepared.