December 3rd

Today’s little instalment is what can only be described as a stitch and bitch…

My only issue being that I’m working while my friends are all out having fun. I enjoy my job, I just wish my friends would stop expecting me to be able to attend every Wednesday evening. My shifts won’t change and I can’t afford to go with out work.



The Big Knit

Last year I took part in the Innocent #BigKnit.
I took part with the other members of my university knitting society. We managed to make a lot of hats, and I was happy at the couple that I handed in. I realised that the 28 stitches and 16 rows to make the basic hats was quick, easy and extremely relaxing.
So this year I’ve decided to start early. If anything I’ll get the odd break from my studies. I’m hoping that the charity event will go ahead. I’ve seen some other blogs mentioning it for 2014, but there’s nothing on the Innocent website just yet.
Because I’m going to be attempting to alter the basic patterns with different stitches, and I’m going to attempt to learn how to crochet, you’ll probably find a lot of pictures of mini hats on my Instagram (Valora_Holmes).