Darkness Corrupts

November 2012

28456 words
Fanfiction – Batman Movies, Harry Potter

General Nano Plan

I read a few crossovers and wanted to be able to write something similar. I planned on writing a Hermione and Sirius relationship with Hermione having an escape when things got really bad.

With Harry Potter driven mad, and the Weasley children bound to the Ministry, only Hermione can fight to finish what the trio began. Hunted by the very people she’s trying to protect, Hermione runs to the one person who might just be able to prepare her for the upcoming battle.

Sirius and Hermione had a relationship over the summer of the fifth book, she was sixteen and legally of the age of consent in the UK (there’s nothing in the original books to suggest that the Magical World has different rules on this). Hermione discovers that she is pregnant during the course of the fifth book and after the fight at the Ministry goes and spends the summer with her grandfather, Alfred Pennyworth, her parents having kicked her out.

She gets along very well with Mr Wayne and after the birth of the twins spends much of her time training with him. The children stay with their godfather, Bruce, while Hermione is at school.

Once the major battle is over, having lost her best friend to the madness that Tom Riddle forced upon him, and the Weasley’s shunning her for not wanting to be with Ron, Hermione returns to the States. She trains and follows the trails of the Death Eaters still at large.

Opinion in the Magical World changes again, and suddenly they are dipped into a dark era. One where the resistance struggles to keep the light. Hermione hears a whisper that the records of death are wrong and that Sirius is alive somewhere. The twins are nearly seven now and are safest in Gotham, despite the cruelty of the Joker.

Hermione joins the resistance, all the time looking for Sirius, in the hopes that the rumour she heard was true. As the darkness gets deeper, Hermione gets closer to the truth about the last of the Ancient House of Black. Finding him in a coma like state she realises there is little that she can do. The nurse said that he needed something akin to a bone marrow transplant; Hermione knowing that the twins are the closest that they have to a donor gets Bruce to sneak them into the country on a business visit to the muggle world.

As the magical world falls in ruin, Hermione is happy in Gotham City. She’s running the charitable society set up by the Wayne Trust, with her family around her. They have no connections to the Magical World, and only use their powers in the fight to protect Gotham City and the people of it.


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