July 2014

Target: 25000 words

General Nano Plan

Cirque du Freak fanfiction. Based somewhere between the bookverse and the moviverse.

A slightly darker and twisted version of the original story. Inspiration came from the Darren Shan Saga, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009) and a fanfiction that I tumbled across: I seduced you, didn’t I? by Luna. T. Lawliet.

“Neutral they said… Grandfather picked a side when he began this twisted mess… My Aunt’s too buys ‘preparing’ herself for her so called ‘duty’… And my father… well who knows with him… So you’re stuck with me.” She smiled sweetly, knowing it was probably the first time that the three men sitting before her had actually heard the truth about their so called prophet.

Morgana “Moggie” Tall is an original character who tries her hardest to be the one thing that she isn’t: Vampire. Blooded Vampaneze against her will Morgana refuses to give in to the call of her ‘Bad Blood’; her long time friends Larten and Gavner have helped her along the way.

Her father created a world for her to live in, to protect her from anyone who meddled with the book of souls. After having her memories locked away Morgana finished growing up away from the Cirque.

Now in the present (when the books were set), Morgana is Vampaneze fighting against her Bad Blood, she wants more than anything to be Vampire like her closest friends; Larten and Gavner.

Hopefully it will follow the books, while incorporating elements from the movie.


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