NaNo Novels

July 2014


“Neutral they said… Grandfather picked a side when he began this twisted mess… My Aunt’s too buys ‘preparing’ herself for her so called ‘duty’… And my father… well who knows with him… So you’re stuck with me.” She smiled sweetly, knowing it was probably the first time that the three men sitting before her had actually heard the truth about their so called prophet.

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November 2013


They were Chosen to live a set of dreams together, the dreams fairy tales are made of, but something went wrong. Now they find themselves tumbling through lifetimes, where the sisters of fate can only hope that their intentions come to pass…
Abandoned due to University deadlines.

July 2013

Beginning at an End

Verity, Serenity, Elsie and Clare are four very different women, leading very different lives, and each will find themselves struggling through a “happy ending”.

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November 2012 – 28,456

Darkness Corrupts

With Harry Potter driven mad, and the Weasley children bound to the Ministry, only Hermione can fight to finish what the trio began. Hunted by the very people she’s trying to protect, Hermione runs to the one person who might just be able to prepare her for the upcoming battle.

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November 2011 – 79,044 words (Winner)

Truly, Madly, Deadly

There was always something about Sapphire; she was born to be different. When two worlds collided Lillith was born, a girl who would hold herself together when it really mattered. Things can change in an instant, and nothing will ever be the same again.

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