Welcome to my writing journey…

About the journey:

Within this blog you will find snippets of stories, scribbles of ideas and my journey towards becoming a published author.

Be warned this journey may not succeed, nor may it amount to anything, but if there is anything that life teaches us is that life is about the roads we travel not the destination as to which we arrive.

About Me:

Valora is a strange character who when not writing she is a full time student in England; reading Law. She often finds herself immersed in the world of the imaginary and not quite ordinary. With having a hesitant a love affair with the bizarre and the macabre she can often be found with her head in a horror novel, looking for the stage exit right.

She has a terrible habit of romanticising everything possible, trying to find a good quality to characters that should scare away all other sensible readers. For those who show no feeling there will be a hidden past, one which surely must have caused them to hide their hearts away, to have caused them to lock themselves within an impenetrable fortress. Yet her characters who are filled with hope and joy will not find their lives such an easy ride; Valora is an author who likes to build hurdles and walls for her characters to clamber over, likes to make things difficult just to see who will be willing to follow the journey to the end.

To Valora writing is an escape from the uncontrollable roller coaster of life. A method of running from those things that go bump in the night. She especially uses her writing to avoid the common place mishaps of life, and her disastrous track record with any kind of romantic relationship. Valora is the sort of person who will smile at the fairytale ending, but want to know what’s happening after the curtain has closed, the scene faded to black, that first kiss of true love.

When it comes to presentation Valora is a little eccentric with an eclectic taste, yet she is still a lovable fashion disaster.


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