Forget Me Not – Chapter 12

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

The medics were adamant that Becker needed to stay under their watchful eye for the day, but that he should be discharged that evening. Jess took Izzie from the medical bay and they went to see Abby.

Izzie ran to play with Rex, the two had become fast friends; if Abby ever didn’t want Rex anymore, Izzie would happily take him.

Jess sat down with Abby and a coffee. Abby looked worried, she seemed nervous, and was watching the door.

“Connor saw the news last night. He saw the piece about the woman, Elizabeth Badby. Apparently, she left a suicide note, claiming that she’d left her daughter in the hands of the woman who she really belonged to. The police across the country are worried for the girl. It was a good job you two stayed in here last night; getting her through London without being noticed would have been mission impossible.”

“What is it that has you all in knots Abby?”

“I left the room last night, for no more than three minutes. In the time it took me to go to the loo, Connor had phoned the information line. He dropped you in it.”

Jess’s face fell. “It should all work out alright. You’ve got some legal right to her, and you’ve got the proof you were looking for Elizabeth.”

Jess headed back to her desk, leaving Izzie with Abby and Rex. She hoped that she could get some work done, and stop panicking. It was unlikely that they’d find her at work; it was a secret government facility. Maybe she could leave the country with Izzie. They could move to Switzerland and hide out there; give it five years, Izzie could grow her hair out, and her face will have changed, they could come back as mother and daughter. Maybe Becker would go with them. Maybe she could take Abby and Connor. And Rex.

She was too busy planning out her new life, to notice Matt and the police officer come up behind her. “Jess,” Matt said quietly, “Could you come to Lester’s office?”

Jess knew that she had no other option but to follow. The police were involved and she was in their clutches, there was no running away now. Connor had really done a good job in turning her in, bringing her captors to the one place that she should have been able to stay and to sort things out.

The blinds were drawn over the windows of Lester’s office. No one could see in, which meant no one could see out either. Jess went quietly, there was no point running, they’d catch up with her.

Inside stood Philip Burton, next to a police sergeant, and Lester sat at his desk, looking like someone had just destroyed his favourite suit. Jess took the seat which was indicated to her. She listened to all of their questions and accusations but was too scared to say a thing.

Why did you do it?” “Where did she tell you she was?” “Why are you not saying anything?” “She needs our help, tell us how to find her.” “Why are you protecting her Miss Parker? She’s never cared for you.” “Where is Elizabeth?” “Did she tell you who the father was?” “Why did she do it?” “Where is he?” “How do you suppose we help Elizabeth, if you won’t help us?”

Jip stayed quiet through all the questions. She was too scared by the teachers to answer, And she didn’t really know how to answer the questions. Bessie was in a new place every time she wanted to meet. All the teachers wanted to do was cover his back; keephim safe, because Bessie was just ‘another tart, up the duff’.


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