Forget Me Not – Chapter 10

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

The church had been full for the Sunday service, yet it had emptied quickly.

Jip had attended the service with her mother as a final goodbye; she was moving out and going to live with her father as the divorce had been finally settled, the court had allowed that Jip was the only person who could decide which parent would get custody, and whether she wanted contact with the other. It had been the Friday previous that she had told the court that she would live with her father and she would prefer it if she only had minimum contact with her mother. And so the final element had been decided.

Bessie and Baby were at the service. They were sat across the church from old Mrs Badby. Baby had caused the feud, and there was no way that Bessie would be the one to take the first step when her mother had offended her so much.

When it came round to the Christening, Jip’s mother stayed, along with Old Mrs Badby. They were quiet as Father Richards christened Jip so that she could become Baby’s godmother. It was a step into her new life. Jip would grow up, and take responsibility when it was needed and she’d leave her controlling mother behind. She promised that she would be a good God-mother, but it was going to be a tough promise to keep.

Baby was held in the arms of Father Richards, and he poured the holy water over her head, ‘In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…’

As the group left the church he watched as they all went their different ways. Jip’s mother walked into the cemetery, taking the short cut home, visiting her mother on her way. Mrs Badby walked straight out of the gates and was out of sight quickly, it was easy to tell that she was a conflicted mother; she wanted to be a part of her granddaughter’s life, and already loved her, but she couldn’t get over the betrayal she felt when she looked at her own daughter, why had she been so stupid?

He saw Bessie and Jip hug each other. Bessie handed over the forget-me-not from her lapel. Jip said goodbye to Baby then she walked over to her father’s car, and slipped through the door, held open by the driver. Father Richards could already tell, that girl would be spoilt, and everything she had promised would be placed to the back of her mind the moment they hit the motorway. Father Richards could tell that the girl had placed this life behind her already.

Bessie stood with Baby in her arms, watching her best friend being driven away. Only she held faith that they would be together again someday. Bessie’s new life began tomorrow, she would leave Baby at the church during the day; they ran a nursery, which allowed her to go out and get a job. She was pulling a part time one at the local supermarket; Bessie would be working in the clothing department, living in the clothing warehouse, making sure that the clothes were on hangers, and that the racks that were to go out at various times of the day contained the right items. And the other wasn’t so legal; her next door neighbour had agreed to look after Baby for a few nights a week while Bessie went to her second job. The whorehouse had welcomed young flesh.

Father Richards saw them walk away, and gave a silent prayer that one day Baby would get a better life.

It had taken a while but Ethan was finally in the ARC. Danny had arrived back, and they had been given a chance to talk, but the bad blood stayed between them. Danny had stormed out, and left Ethan or Patrick or whatever had was called to his thoughts.

Becker was back on active service, he’d had two weeks to recover, and had become somewhat at home with Jess. He was dreading the talk where he would end up going home, alone.

Emily continued to look after Izzie; but that morning she’d been watching over the little girl draw when Matt asked for a word. Izzie was gone when the two looked up to check on her. Apparently there was an anomaly back to Emily’s time, and Matt had come to tell her that she could go home if she wanted to.

Izzie ran down the corridors looking for someone to talk to. She didn’t want her Aunty Jess, she was all sad and boring. Abby was busy with the creatures and she didn’t feel like talking with Rex. Connor was missing, and everyone seemed busy. She found an empty corridor and heard someone shouting in one of the rooms, she looked in, and saw only one man. He looked lonely, so swiping her bracelet she let herself in.

“I’m Izzie. Do you like my drawing?” She held it up.

“I’m Patrick.” He smiled, “it’s very pretty, do you have anymore?”

Izzie threw the papers on the table, and pulled out the pencils from her back pocket.

The two sat at the table, and Patrick helped Izzie with her drawing. By the time that Becker and Danny came running down the corridor; the paper was running out. Izzie was sat doodling, while Patrick was finishing of the picture for Izzie. Before the anomaly swallowed him up, he’d wanted a little sister, and Izzie was so sweet and lovely that he just had to keep her happy.

Izzie was taken back to Jess and Emily. All the pictures were in hands. She showed Jess and Emily the one Patrick had drawn. The picture of her, ‘Sweet Little Izzie’.

Jess was sat at the ADD when Patrick escaped. She sent the message out and watched as he took a hold of Emily, and shot Becker twice. There wasn’t anything she could do but run to his side. She called for a media using her headset, and ran as fast as her heels would let her.

No one saw Izzie follow Emily.


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