Forget Me Not – Chapter 9

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

Abby and Connor went home. While Jess took Izzie, and together they went to visit Becker. His flat wasn’t that far from the ARC, just a bit further away than Jess’s. Jess worried the whole way, while Izzie talked her ears off about her day with Emily. All the finger painting, and the toys they’d made with paper. Who knew that Emily was an expert in origami? Jess didn’t.

Becker opened the door and let them in. He nodded to the kitchen, so Jess set Izzie down on the living room floor, “why don’t you play with your dinosaurs for a while?”

She stood at the door and watched as Becker made two cups of coffee.

“I need to know Jessica. I can’t stand all of these secrets anymore. I’ll help you with anything, just stop shutting me out.” He said as he passed her the cup and saucer.

Jess took a seat at the breakfast bar and began her tale.

Connor was shocked when he was asked to help carry suitcases into the flat that morning. Apparently Becker was coming to stay. “We’re going to get along fine.” Jess had reassured them.

She moved some of her clothes into the room Izzie was borrowing. There were two single beds, and a mass of space. Izzie was happy, she’d have someone to read her stories into the middle of the night. While everyone helped move Becker into Jess’s room. The sofa would have been an option for Jess if Connor hadn’t managed to cover it in red wine.

That night there were five places set out at the dining table. Becker was given the place at the head of the table as he was the guest. Connor, Becker and Izzie had been banned from the kitchen as dinner was prepared, but when it was served their eyes all went wide at the mass of food.

Dinner was a quiet affair, everybody was quiet. Connor’s questions were muted by the food he was shovelling into his mouth. Becker was contemplative, just as he had been since the discussion the previous night. Abby was busy chatting with Izzie about their day in the ARC; it had been another day of Abby running around looking after dinosaurs, and Izzie had enjoyed being with Emily.

Izzie had come home with cake. She and Emily had taken over a small part of the kitchen. The Head Chef hadn’t wanted them, until he tasted Emily’s Victoria Sponge. They spent the day baking; almost everybody who bought lunch had taken some of the cake. Emily had made sure that there was one left for Izzie to bring home.

Izzie went to bed early. She was asleep on her feet after the game of snakes and ladders with Connor. Connor and Abby turned in about the same time claiming they had an early start. So Becker and Jess were the only ones left.

At eleven Becker flicked the TV over to the news. Jess didn’t mind. It was good to keep up with what was going on around them. The first article was that there had been a woman found in Brighton. She had yet to be identified, but she’d been found hanging from the top floor banister. There was a picture of the woman shown; Jess’s breath caught in her throat.

It was a tough morning. Jess kept unusually quiet, her colours were toned down to dark pastels, and her shoes were flat. Everybody could tell that something was up. Becker made Jess take Izzie to the ARC, his argument was that he’d love to look after her, but there was too much of a chance that Izzie caught sight of her mother on the news if she stayed home. Becker had promised that he was making desert for that night.

Jess stayed quiet, being useful, trying not to be a nuisance. She couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened. It was at lunch when she received a text message that it began to sink in: ‘A letter arrived for U. Postmarked from B’ton, a few days ago.’

Escaping the ARC was the least thing that she had to worry about. She was worried about the letter. She knew nobody in Brighton, only Elizabeth.

Becker must have been at the shop when she got back. It was a good thing in Jess’s mind. She didn’t want anyone to witness her going to pieces. It had to be Elizabeth, so it was going to be bad.

Dear Jessica

Izzie is yours. You take my place as I took yours.



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