Forget Me Not – Chapter 8

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

The anomaly was at a school this time, and Jess sent the boys. They’d call in back up if they needed it, and Abby seemed to be wrapped up with caring for some of the animals, which put her out of action.

Emily was wandering around feeling useless, she’d delivered papers to offices, and that had been followed by doses of tea and coffee being delivered to the same offices. She’d seen a little girl running around, but had yet to place where she’d come from.

Izzie was with Abby. Some of the smaller animals had gotten ill; Abby was fairly sure it was just a mutation of the common cold, most of the creatures had never previously had human contact, and right now there were a few people carrying the lingering winter colds who’d paid visits to her in the menagerie. The pair worked carefully. Izzie bringing the fruit and vegetables to Abby one by one, while Abby got rid of the little bits that weren’t good to eat, and cut some of them up into smaller things.

Jess was trying to hack into the CCTV of the school, and into the security system but was having a tough job, it was like someone had already hacked into it from the inside. While she was directing Becker and Matt in their quest for the students she was feeding a floor plan to Connor so that he would find the security office and give her some more access.

She didn’t realise just how shocking her job could be. Watching the girl being dragged from the gym apparatus, and being pulled under the stands by a Therocephalian hurt her heart. She thought of a grown up Izzie, and how it could be her. Jess stopped shocked until voices came bouncing through the comms and she set to work again.

Abby had taken Izzie out onto the landing. They’d fed the mammoth, and had put some more water out of it. It was a huge room they were kept in but they still needed looking after like pets. Abby had added some vitamin supplements to the water to help boost the creatures’ immune systems. Izzie had had fun, she’d laughed when the mammoth prodded her with his trunk; she’d listened to Abby when she was told he was friendly, not like the scared Jess.

After feeding the bigger animals and leaving things out for the flying birds Abby took Izzie down to the bottom level of the menagerie. There they refilled the food boxes, and Abby let Izzie play with some of the friendlier creatures; Izzie sat back behind the bullet proof glass while Abby gave some of the creatures their medicine, for some reason to Izzie, Abby looked like Snow-White, with all the creatures crowding around her while she fed them.

When the boys came back, Jess was scared still. Becker, her Becker was being carried back on a stretcher and looking so pale he could have been mistaken for a corpse. It was Matt who held her back, telling her that the medical bay was ‘no place for hysterics’ and he held her tight while she cried out all her worry.

Matt had to promise that he’d keep a check on the Captain, and that as soon as he was release he’d send for her. Jess took her seat back at the computer and worried some more.

In her hysterics, she’d forgotten all about Izzie. That was until she’d heard from Abby that Becker had been placed on forced medical leave and was out of action for two weeks, and possibly further time on desk duty until he was cleared for active service in the field.

She found him changing into some of his civilian clothes. She’d never really seen him out of uniform before, though she’d imagined it so many times before. Her man, just looking like the rest of the world.

Jess offered to let him stay at her flat, there’d be room if she took the sofa, but he’d declined. He’d said that he didn’t want to disrupt everybody. She didn’t mind, just wanted to make sure that he was okay; there was no point arguing with the soldier.

It wasn’t long before Matt found Jess stressing over a very simple piece of paper work. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Izzie. Now Abby is needed for active service, there’ll only be me around here looking after her, how will I manage that? The anomalies are getting more frequent, and Burton is piling on the paperwork.”

“I’ll talk to Emily, she was great at looking after her at the wedding, and she could do with something proper to do. I’m not saying you have to agree, but if Emily is up for it then the offer is there.”

Abby couldn’t quite comprehend that her friend was considering turning down the help that was being offered, but in a way she could understand Jess’s reasons.

“So don’t tell her. Just have Emily look after Izzie; she doesn’t have to know everything.” Abby suggested.

Jess started overthinking again, so Abby put a stop to it. “You either take the help that’s offered or give her over to the services. You can’t wait for your friend forever.”

“I know, I just don’t want to put her in any more danger.”

Izzie wasn’t sure what was going on. But Aunty Jess was introducing her to a new lady, Emily. They’d met at Jenny’s wedding, so Izzie didn’t quite understand her Aunt’s reasoning for it. After Jess was finally sure that Emily could look after Izzie properly, she let them go.

Jess had a tough time getting on with her work. She was caught up between worrying about Becker surviving with his injuries, and trying not to check up on Izzie and Emily like she was tempted to. The team managed to get by, there wasn’t anything too big, or too difficult to handle.

Some of the newer recruits were taking the mickey out of their superior; making it known that they didn’t think that Captain Becker was worthy of his status if he managed to get taken down by ‘an ickle dinosaur’. Jess had to bite her tongue, it wasn’t her place to defend him, and only Abby and Connor knew about their relationship.

Becker had been on leave for a few days, and Jess had missed him. She had been considering going to visit him on her lunch break; but Burton had made it known that he wanted her to help Connor upgrade the computer systems. Connor has said that he didn’t mind if Jess escaped for an hour or two, but Philip Burton was clever; he’d placed one of his trusted lab technicians with them; just to make sure they were doing as they were told.

Jess was packing up for the evening when she received a phone call. It’d been a tough day, and she considered ignoring it, they’d leave a voicemail if they were desperate to talk to her. Then she saw the caller ID.

“Hello sweetheart.” She smiled, it was nice to hear from him, her smile didn’t last long.

We need to talk.

Jip had hoped her friend wasn’t coming down with something. There were always tummy bugs going around the college, and Jip was particularly susceptible to them. Bessie had pulled Jip to the side on the way to class; it wasn’t usual for them to cut class, but it wasn’t ever noticed when they did.

You know when I saved your skin?”

Jip nodded.

We’ll now you’ve got to help me. That creep’s got me preggers.” Bessie whispered. “You know I can’t get rid of it. It’s murder.”

Jip was shocked into silence. She knew that Bessie had saved her from a terrible fate. And now there was this. It wasn’t religion that stopped the easy way out; it was just Bessie. When she believed something, there was no way it would change.

I’m going to be here for you through all of it.” Jip promised, “I’ll always be here to help.”


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