Forget Me Not – Chapter 7

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

Burton had found time to have another not so friendly chat with Lester. He wasn’t happy about having the child about the ARC, and ordered Lester to do something about it.

Lester figured that he might as well set away a long running investigation. He’d been tracking Jess and what she was up to; and realised that she was looking for somebody. He was clever enough to realise that it was not best to interrupt her, and he couldn’t fire her over it; she knew too much, and it would cost the ARC too much, where on earth would he find another Jessica.

Matt was already in trouble for the Emily incident. This, as Lester saw it, was the final stage to Matt redeeming himself; the other bit was finding the girl. As it was, Matt found himself in Lester’s office, being signalled to turn off his communications device.

“I want you to find out everything you can about Jess and the child. Do it covertly.” Lester said, not looking up from his paper work, “I want Philip off my back, but I don’t want anybody to get hurt. There are too many people who are irreplaceable, and an all too trigger happy boss, who’ll fire anyone who goes against his ethos.”

“And why me?”

“You’re already in trouble because you lost Emily. Think of it as your community sentence. The first bit was finding her and getting her here, now this is the payback for causing me stress.” Lester dismissed him with a wave of the hand. “And close the door on the way out.”

Matt’s first stop was Connor. He hoped that the trusting computer geek would open up and spill all. Saving everybody hassle and meaning that Matt could get back to looking after Emily. It didn’t take long to locate the computer geek; he was in his office working on more gadgets that would help them, most recently it had been some form of dating device so that they could find out where the anomalies led.

“How’s that thing going?” Matt asked.

“It’s doing fine, I want to test it on the next anomaly though, – Connor paused for a second – what are you doing here? It’s not normal.”

“Fine, I’ve been sent so we can keep the peace.” Matt answered, “what do you know about the little girl?”

“She’s called Izzie, her favourite food is chips, and she keeps calling Jess ‘aunty’…” he was cut short by the entrance of Abby.

“And other than that nothing,” she finished.

Matt turned on her, “You must know some more, you’re with Izzie nearly every day.”

“If I do I shan’t be telling. You’ll have to walk over my grave first; it’s Jess’s story to tell. I will tell you though; she’s trying to sort it out as fast as she can, so she doesn’t have to tell you all.”

Becker was just as easy to find. He was in the armoury with the EMDs, though it was still very obvious that he preferred his guns and bullets. Matt wasted no time on this one; he knew that there was no point trying to skirt around the truth, and Abby was probably telling Jess that he was snooping around anyway.

“Becker could I borrow you for a short while?” his irish accent once again twanging in his words; no matter what era he was from that accent had stayed iconic.

Becker looked up and nodded, “talk, I just need to finish up the checks.”

“Lester has given me the task of investigating. Burton isn’t too happy about your girlfriend bringing Izzie into work, and Lester wants to make it look like he’s doing something about it.” Matt paused.

“And that has to do with me why?”

“Because, you know Lester isn’t the cold hearted swine all the way through. And he wants to help if he can. So I’m here to ask what you know about Izzie, do you know whether she’s any relation to Jess, or how Jess became guardian of the child.”

“Not a thing. That little girl has had a tough time, and Jess is struggling to get her to settle. I haven’t much else other than that Jess is looking for somebody, god knows who, and she’s starting to get a bit paranoid about things, and I don’t think it’s anything to do with Ethan.” Becker answered, going back to the routine checks, “Don’t ask Jess, it’ll set her off again, and from Abby’s account of last time, we don’t want to be picking up those pieces.”

Matt found himself back in the main operations room with basically nothing, with no reason to report to Lester, him having found nothing he set about the papers left cluttered across his desk. Quickly finding that he had no motivation for his paper work he left to find Emily. He’d twist a few arms to take her out for coffee, or tea in her case.


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