Forget Me Not – Chapter 5

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

Jess had been stroppy that morning, when Becker had refused to talk to her more than necessary. So Abby stepped in offering her and Connor’s babysitting skills. It took less than a minute for Jess to agree, she needed to patch things up with Becker. She missed him, and if they were ever going to have anything more than an office fling, Jess really needed to fix things.

After work Jess picked up Chinese and headed to where Becker was staking out Ethan’s hide out. Emily was safe with Matt now, which made a lot of people happy.

Seeing Becker in the car, she strode up to him and knocked on the window. He didn’t look too pleased to see her.

“This is a stake out, Jess.”

She offered him some of the take out, and answered affirmative when he asked whether she had prawn crackers. They shared the meal and kept a watch over the screens. Becker was a little hesitant to broach the topic of the child, but knew that if they were ever going to get over this hurdle he had to ask.

“Jess, who’s the little girl?” he asked tentatively.

“She’s called Izzie. She arrived at my front door in a cardboard box, carrying a letter from an old acquaintance of mine. I’m trying to sort things out, and get her back home, but I have no idea what to do with her.”

“Why didn’t you let me in?”

“Because I didn’t know how to. I had no choice but to bring her to work with me on that first day. And then I didn’t want to leave her anywhere just in case someone took her away. I’m so confused; this is why I ran away.”

Becker could see that she was close to tears, so pulled her into a cuddle, and just dropped the topic. He sensed that she would tell him when she felt she could. It was something that ran much deeper than the appearance of Izzie.

Bessie had been leaving her exam when the baby started coming. Jip was at her side in seconds. The two of them had been carted off to the hospital, and now Jip was sat with her best friend, waiting for the midwife to say it was time.

It was such a scary experience. Jip was happy that she had managed to finish her exam, and was now worried about her friend. If the two had collided she had no idea how she would have coped. Bessie wasn’t demanding as of yet, but she’d been quite hormonal. It took a skilled person to judge her mood swings.

It was midnight, and Bessie was tugging Jip’s hand from her wrist. “One last push.” The midwife called over Bessie’s screeching. For Jip it was all a blur, she was tired, and nowhere near conscious enough to know what was going on.

“Congratulations, you’ve a beautiful baby girl.”

Becker woke up to see Ethan staring at him on the monitor. He rubbed his eyes quickly and pushed Jess back into her seat. He pulled one of the EMD’s from the backseat and told Jess to call for backup.

Stalking the room, he couldn’t see any sign of Ethan, but knocked a trip wire with his foot. He moved before he could break it, and kept on into the darkness. He stopped when his foot stepped onto something, which released something rather heavy falling towards him. Dropping the EMD he caught the object and stayed very still, hoping not to upset the pressure pad, and praying that backup would be coming soon.

Jess couldn’t wait any longer for the promised men. Her Becker was in trouble, and she was the only one here to help. Noticing the spare EMD in the back, she grabbed it and headed up to the space where she knew Becker was.

Stepping carefully into the room she noticed Becker crouched near the floor. Not realising who it was Becker called out, “be careful of the trip wire.”

Jess came into his view. He told her about the pressure pad, and what he suspected to be an explosive device. Against his wishes Jess walked over to it and pulled off the cover revealing Becker’s suspicions to be correct. He told her to leave, but put it to Jess to be stubborn.

“I’m not leaving you.” She walked over to it. “Tell me what to do Becker.”

She followed his instructions and opened the box on the back, it sparked a little and she jumped back. Becker telling her once again to leave, her response a resounding ‘No’.

Becker told her to cut the red wire. Jess could see two red wires. “Come on, you can do this.” She whispered to herself, deciding on which wire she would cut.

When she realised that she hadn’t blown them to smithereens, she rejoiced. The two of them headed back out towards the pickup truck in hopes that the backup would be arriving to secure the scene.

Abby was driving while Connor and Izzie sat in the back. They were on their way back from Jenny’s wedding. It had coincided with an anomaly, and Abby had promised Jess that she would keep Izzie safe and protected, which had meant for the majority of the monster hunting Izzie had stayed with Jenny and Emily; though Izzie had taken a liking to staying with Connor through the course of the wedding.

Now it was Abby who was keeping her two favourite people safe. They’d fallen asleep in the back, Connor looked so much like a doting father, and Izzie just looked content with her cuddle. It made Abby wonder if one day Connor would be ‘Daddy’ and if she’d be the one who was ‘mummy’. The idea seemed to stick with her all the way back to the ARC; she’d never been very good with children, always better with animals, though she’d managed to make headway with Izzie; maybe Izzie was special.

Upon their arrival back in the ARC, Becker kissed her. He knew that he would help Jess anyway he could; there was a connection between them and he only hoped it would grow. Before heading back to the armoury, he detoured to Jess’s side.

“You were brilliant.” He murmured. He saw her smile. “And if you need any help with Izzie, just ask.”


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