Forget Me Not – Chapter 4

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

Jip felt somewhat abandoned, she’d entered the pub on her boyfriend’s arm, and had been with her best friend.

The now ex-boyfriend, had left her as soon as he had seen the trashy blonde at the bar; she had to have been nearly thirty, but if that was what he was after, then Jip wanted no more to do with him. She’d sent him a text message a little later in the evening when he’d had his tongue, quite securely down the tart’s throat.

Bessie, her best mate, had stayed around a while, but she’d gone off to the ladies and just never reappeared. Jip had taken her drink to the end of the bar so that she could be out of everyone’s way. She didn’t like being in the Pub on her own, she knew full well that she was underage, and so did the bar man, but he being Bessie’s uncle he was happy to serve the pair; it was all money in his pocket.

Jip finished her drink and headed outside. It was so much quieter out here. She lit a cigarette and leaned against the wall. At least that was one thing that she wasn’t breaking the law to do. She enjoyed the way that the nicotine calmed her nerves, and the way that she could breathe pretty shapes out into the warm night.

Her peace was disturbed by huffs and puffs. She heard a moaning and groaning coming from the alley way. Worried that someone was in trouble, Jip went to investigate. There in the shadows was Bessie, pinned to the wall by some blokes prick.

They were both so lost in their quick fuck that they didn’t notice Jip arrive or leave. Bessie wasn’t the happiest, she felt the need to be screwed by the guy who had chatted her up; but now wished that she’d turned him down. The bricks behind her were scaring her back and had evaporated her arousal, knowing that the dickhead who was groaning in pleasure wouldn’t have the stamina to last much longer she took the initiative. She faked her orgasm, and just waited for the freak to finish.

Jip had flagged down a taxi, she knew that Bessie would do one of two things. Go back into the pub looking for her, or she’d go back into the pub and head out back with a bottle of Jack to erase the memory from her mind. As she saw the familiar streets of home, Jip sent Bessie a text, telling her that she’d had enough of the penis that was her ex, and had gone home to lick her wounds; Bessie would understand.

Jess had spent the morning looking after Izzie, and checking government records for any trace of Izzie’s mother. She gave up at eleven and took Izzie into the break room. They had snacks, and an idea came to Jess.

On their way back to main operations room, Jess stopped off in one of the safe rooms. She had noticed that Izzie was tired, so tucked her into the bed and told her to just head back towards the main room when she woke up.

Getting back to her computer Jess set up the CCTV feed so that she could keep an eye on Izzie. Thinking back through her history, Jess located the last memory that she had of Elizabeth’s address. Starting there Jess tracked Elizabeth through the system. It took a few hours, but eventually Jess had a contact number. Knowing that it would probably be useless to try the address, if Izzie was here then Elizabeth wouldn’t be home.

Jess took a little break and headed outside. She grabbed her mobile and called the number.

Abby wandered past the ADD and noticed that there was a CCTV link to a room in the ARC. She saw the little girl putting her shoes on, it looked like she’d been asleep. Abby decided she’d run and get the little girl, if Jess couldn’t be a competent mother then there was no reason for the child to suffer.

The phone was ringing, and Jess took this as a good sign. She waited until someone answered, not caring that it had gone to voicemail twice, she’d called the number again. Third time’s the charm.

Someone picked up on the other end, and sounded a little gruff, but not hung over.

“Elizabeth?” Jess asked. The grunt from the other end was an affirmative.

“What the hell did you do? Why is Izzie with me?”

After pausing to listen Jess let it all out, “I don’t’ care. She’s your daughter, not mine. What do you expect me to tell her? If you leave her behind I’ll tell her the whole truth, I’m not going to keep your secrets anymore. You’ve got to take responsibility. Izzie’s not even four yet, and you’ve given up on her. She’s got so much potential, and all you’re doing is pouring it down the drain.”

“If you want, I’ll help you find her father. That way she can have a proper daddy, and you can share her between the two of you.”

“You could have always sent her to your mother. I’m sure she’d have taken her.”

“Don’t you dare….” Jess spat, finishing in a hopeless whisper, “hang up on me.”

Izzie was happy eating Oreo’s and playing with Rex in the menagerie. Abby busied doing her jobs, preparing the feed for the other animals while keeping an eye on the pair. She loved watching the little girl smile. It was quite a thing that this girl had been in the flat for a whole day and no one had noticed her.

Abby’s thoughts were disturbed when Jess skidded through the door. Her scared face relaxed into a smile when she saw Izzie with Rex. Seeing that it was a good time to get Jess alone for a chat, Abby took her into the other part of the menagerie. Jess explained all that she could, she opened her heart to Abby, and refused to let herself cry.

The two shook hands and Abby agreed to help Jess keep the secret. Abby understood what Jess was doing and offered to help. The two could keep Izzie occupied, while Jess tried to get Izzie’s mother to come and collect her, and Abby keep Izzie secret from the others.


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