Forget Me Not – Chapter 3

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

Jess was left with the problem of how to deal with the little girl. She was only about three years old, with locks of hair the colour of ebony. Jess had been making coffee wondering what on earth to do when the little girl had come along with a letter.

Dear Jessica, it read.

I know this will be difficult on you, but it’s tough for me too. This is Izzie, and I expect you to look after her just like you promised. I hope that for the next few days you manage to connect.

Can I ask that you don’t just fob her off to some nursery school, she needs the only other person who we can really trust. I know that you’re probably in the middle of your degree right now, but I’ve told Izzie that she’s not to be any trouble.


Elizabeth Badby.

She wandered towards the sofa and dropped. Izzie jumped up beside her. Jess knew exactly who she was now; this just wasn’t any child dropped on her doorstep, but she couldn’t really trust anybody with the secret.

After her coffee, Jess placed Izzie’s stuff in the spare room, “We’re going to sort it when we get back.” She’d said. Jess walked out of her flat, Izzie balanced on her hip, and her bag carried on the other shoulder. The ride to the ARC was painful. Izzie couldn’t keep her mouth shut with questions that Jess just couldn’t answer, and when Izzie did stop Jess bribed her with sweets to keep her quiet.

Carrying a child into the ARC wasn’t the easiest thing. Jess managed to get passed security, and then through all of the coded doors. Reaching her locker, she put Izzie down and threw all of her stuff in. She was only meant to have the morning off; it was a deal with Lester, she was allowed the morning to recuperate from all the early mornings and late nights that she’d been forced to do with all the extra paper work. But now she was late.

She and Izzie made it to Jess’ station before anything major happened. After some searching jess found some paper and pens for Izzie to sit drawing with. The little girl found a space on the floor near to where Jess was working, but out of the way of everyone else, and Jess got on with her job. Both Burton’s stern look and Lester’s questioning gaze went unnoticed by the pair.

“Becker?” Connor asked as he walked into the armoury.

“What?” was the reply, Becker was bent over the table cleaning up one of the EMDs.

“Did you know Jess’ got a little girl?” At Connor’s comment Becker stood up straight, like someone had shot him in the behind with an EMD.

“No, I didn’t.” Becker seemed lost in thought, as if wondering whether Jess had just slipped it in dry conversation, a small comment maybe that he’d overlooked. “She’s never mentioned it.”

“I’d have just thought that you’d have known, you being closest to her an’ all.” Connor changed the topic, sensing questions in the air. “So how are you managing without your bullets, Becker?”

“I’m doing just fine.” He answered. “And what do you mean about me being closest to her. You share the flat. Wouldn’t you have noticed a little girl running around.” Connor walked out, with nothing left to say; leaving Becker to deliberate in peace.

Burton had spoken to Lester. Something of a “sort your staff out before I do” talk. And now Lester was stuck with what to do. He rather liked Jess and didn’t really want to fire her, because who knows whether they’d find a replacement that could stand up next to her. Also the child looked so peaceful amongst the strangers of the ARC that he worried for it.

Lester decided that it was best to let the pair do their own thing for a little bit, and if Jess looked like she was struggling he would step in. He might look like an unlovable git, but his nieces would all disagree.

After mulling over the subject a little more, he decided to leave Jess to it for the day; it could be that this was just a one off, one that would never happen again. If the child was still around tomorrow he’d put some thought into how he could deal with it.

Becker had kept a watch over his favourite girl. As soon as he had walked through the main operations room, he had noticed that there was a little girl sat on the floor beside Jess. His mind registered the similarities; the little girl looked like a miniature version of his Jess. Though he couldn’t see any sort of bond between the pair; it was almost as if they had just been thrown together that morning.


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