Weekend Writing Warriors (#1)

This is my first attempt at the #8Sunday blog hop with the Weekend Writing Warriors (WeWriWa). Find their home here.

Here’s my 8:

It felt like everything was suddenly in slow motion. No one was rushing anywhere, almost as if they had no cares. A scream caught in his throat; oh how he wanted people to notice him!
There were tubes, gauzes and needles everywhere. In the bright light his injuries looked far worse than he’d orginally thought, far worse than they felt.
The world began to blur; the lights were going out.
“Quick, get the crash cart.”
A smile briefly crossed his scarred lips, finally something was happening.

Check out the WeWriWar homepage and have a look at the other blogs taking part.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors (#1)

  1. Great way to start! Makes the reader want to know right away what the heck happened? Good 8 Valora!

    One small oopsy, could you link back to the list? I think you meant to on the word “here” but nothing happens. (That was just me one of the mods pointing it out. 🙂


  2. Hi there, nice to meet you…

    Yikes! Is he badly hurt and in an emergency room? I would be scared there, especially if nobody who knew me personally was around. How did he get there?


  3. This is my first time with Weekend Writing Warriors too! I like how your snippet focuses more on direct thoughts and internal dialogue than description. It gives it a very real and in the moment feel.

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