Forget Me Not – Chapter 2

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

When she got home, she couldn’t help but feel that she and Becker had really managed to start something. All she hoped was that they could hold on to it. Walking into her flat, with a smile plastered across her face, she was met by a sleepy Connor.

He nodded and toddled back into the room he was sharing with Abby. Jess slipped into her room, and quickly got herself ready for bed. She was tired, but she had an early morning ahead of her; she couldn’t leave Becker on his lonesome on a morning now, could she?

Once again she was out of the flat before the other two were even up, but instead of calling for the ARC to send transport for Abby and Connor, she left her keys and called Becker.

“Good Morning sunshine.” He smiled down the phone.

“Is it too late to ask for a lift to work?” Jess asked.

“Not at all,” he answered, “Just leaving my flat now. I’ll be about fifteen minutes, give or take.”

“I’ll be in the coffee shop across the street.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

Jess walked into the shop with a smile on her face. She ordered her usual; or rather what had been her usual before she’d had to ferry Abby and Connor to and from work. She sat at the table by the window, with a coffee to go, but a blueberry muffin to eat in. Her baking was way better, but she didn’t see the point when Connor would just eat them all.

She’d just polished off the muffin when Becker’s truck pulled up outside. He hopped out and ran to the counter, before walking over to collect her from her table. The car ride was quiet while they enjoyed their coffee. They had been lucky that there had been no anomalies for a few days. Jess had quite liked not being woken at a godforsaken time in the morning to sort out a sparkly thing that let prehistoric creatures through.

They sat in the armoury that morning instead of sitting by Jess’s computer. It didn’t matter because they would hear if the alarms went off. Becker pulled a bar of chocolate from his desk drawer, and gave it to Jess. She smiled and said thank you, before breaking it in half and sharing it.

They talked happily while they were still alone in the ARC. “So any ex-boyfriend’s I should know about?” Becker asked.

“Not really, last time I had a boyfriend I was in lower sixth. And he was only after one thing.” Jess answered, “I got rid of him easily. The moment he realised he was dating a girl who’d been fast tracked to a degree he lost interest. Apparently I was just a bit of skirt he thought he could pull.” She sighed and grabbed a bite of chocolate. “Daddy was quite happy I didn’t stay with him. – a smile crossed her lips – what about you any ex’s I need to be wary of?”

“No.” He stated, “my ex fiancée was a long time ago, and I was moved up to special ops and had to move away. And I’ve been in the ARC long enough to know, that time has healed my wounds, and I shouldn’t really care for hers. – he shuffled around – not that I’m heartless, just we had a painful history.”

“It’s okay. You don’t need to talk about it.” Jess walked over to him, and pulled him into a cuddle. “We all have skeletons in the closet. Some more painful than others.” She held him tighter for a moment before moving away.

He smiled at her, and placed a kiss on her cheek. “I think we’d better be getting to work.”

She grabbed his hand and gave it a quick squeeze before skipping off to her supercomputer. He watched her go and wondered how she managed to walk, never mind skip in her heels.

Jess continued going in early on a morning, and having her conversations and cuddles with Becker. By the end of the week he managed to be outside her building waiting with coffee. They had managed to go through their embarrassing stories, and some of the just plain funny ones; and had by now reached what they wanted from their futures.

“Being honest, I’m not sure.” Becker had answered, “I’d always thought that at some point I’d settle down, and have a family. But I never found the right woman, I thought I had once, but it turned out I was being pulled along by a dream and not reality. What about you?”

“I want to have the nice husband, nice house, two kids malarkey in the future. But I’m not sure about it. My grandma always told me that if I wanted to get anywhere I had to, before life slowed me down; she also warned me not to end up an old spinster like aunty June, but that’s something else.” She cuddled into Becker, “the future’s so complex, and I’m quite happy in the here and now.”

“Well, you’re only nineteen Jess, you’ve got so many years ahead of you.” Becker stated.

“So have you. You’re not forty yet and living the midlife crisis.” Jess teased.

Their moment was broken by an anomaly alert. “I’ll phone the others, you find out where it is.” Becker said, kissing her cheek sweetly; it was still really early in the morning so most of them would still be in bed.

Jess and Becker never got to finish their conversation, the whole day was busy with trying to make sure that the anomaly was sorted and that no one was hurt. The only tough bit was when they discovered that there was one last little creature left after the anomaly had closed. Abby was happy to adopt it, just a harmless baby bird thing from some period or another. Jess found that the only one that she could really stand was Rex, because he was cute and somewhat housetrained.

Jess slept through Abby and Connor going to work and the Postman delivering his mail. She awoke when she heard a terrible wailing coming from near her front door. Grabbing her dressing gown she went to go and investigate.

There just outside was a large box, the kind used when moving house. It was sealed with parcel tape and was crying. Using her door key, Jess slit the tape and a child bounced out. Not having a clue what to do she ushered the child and the box into the flat.

“Sit here. Don’t touch anything.” Pointing to the sofa she spoke the little girl before heading off to get dressed.

The room was full, yet Bessie couldn’t keep her mouth shut. The whole of the common room went quiet when the singing began, and everyone turned to look.

“Happieeeee Birthdaay tooo yoooooooou,” Bessie sang, her voice wavering as she obviously tried to sing through her drunken stupor.

Staying stock still Jip just watched as her best friend embarrassed them both. Bessie had a reputation for being tipsy in school, and wasn’t the best behaved, but she achieved so was given all the chances under the sun. Jip was just as bright, only she was the more conservative of the two.

Jip was finally confronted by the singing drunk, and handed a badly wrapped gift. “For my best mate.” Bessie smiled widely, looking a bit demented.

It didn’t take much from Jip to unwrap the gift and cringe. She gave a small smile to Bessie, “Thanks, but why?” she whispered, dropping the gift hurriedly into her bag.

Her voice was a little louder than necessary, and her sense more than a little tainted, due to the alcohol in her system, “Cause, if you’re not gettin’ any, you gotta help yourself,” she winked, and the whole common room collapsed into an onslaught of laugher.


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