Forget Me Not – Chapter 1

“You take my place as I took yours.” Jess has a secret, a part of her life she tried to forget. Now a lost little girl threatens everything she holds dear.

A Primeval Fanfiction, rated T.

It was an early morning, and Jess was sat working away at the ADD. She was finishing up her paperwork from the day before. The anomaly had taken her energy from her; Jess had been busy making sure that everything ran smoothly, and she’d taken Connor and Abby home. She’d just abandoned the papers at the end of the day, preferring to be kind to her new guests rather than having them loiter around the ARC.

She expected to be the only one in for a few hours. She reckoned there were a few who were still to wake up. However she was to be proved wrong when a voice came from behind, “It’s a bit early isn’t it Jessica.”

Jess jumped out of her skin. Turning in her chair she found Captain Becker stood there, dressed in his usual black, stern look dressing his face. “I could say the same for you, Captain.”

He smirked. Taking the few steps that would bring them together; he leant down to Jess’s level. “You could, but I’m always in early. Unlike you Miss Jessica.” His face broke into a smile that sent a silent shiver through her.

She was stuck for words while he was so close. It was as if he was breathing her words away. She looked away quickly, before looking back. “Paperwork,” was her only word.

“Paperwork.” He nodded, “I’ll leave you to get on with it.” He turned and began to walk away.

“No.” The word escaped Jess’s lips before she could stop it.

He turned, “No what?” his smirk graced his lips.

“Um…” Was all she had. She swallowed as he started walking back. Under the light she noticed that his shirt was tight, and clung to every inch of his toned body.

“Was that a ‘No, please help me with the paper work’ or was that a, ‘No, don’t leave me’?” He was back beside her, breathing her words away once again. She nodded in reply, “So which is it Jessica?” he stressed every syllable of her name.

She swallowed once again. “No, don’t leave me.”

He pulled up a chair and sat with her. They just got talking and teasing, like they had on those first few days before Matt or anyone else turned up to break the peace. Jess was very happy, and the papers were left forgotten once again.

“Would you like to go to see that new film after work?” Becker asked, filling in a comfortable silence.

“Do you mean, as a date?” Jess asked carefully.

“If that’s what you would like it to be.” Becker replied; his eyes displayed just how uncomfortable he was.

“Yes.” She answered, as the rest of the team entered.

“Yes what?” Matt asked.

“Nothing” Jess and Becker’s words slipped out in chorus.

Matt gave them a funny look before walking to his desk.

The day at the ARC ended quickly. Abby and Connor took Jess’s car to get home; Jess’s excuse was she was staying back to do work, and she’d just grab a taxi.

Becker was waiting in his truck when Jess finally snuck out of work. He laughed as she wandered across the car park while watching out for anyone who might ask questions. He knew she was just trying to avoid the Spanish inquisition when she got home.

“Did you ever get that paperwork finished?” Becker asked as they pulled into the traffic.

“I did, instead of listening to Connor babble on about his system upgrades.” She smiled.

He was quiet for a little while as the traffic around them moved and came to another stand still. “So you won’t be in early tomorrow?”

“I might be.” She turned in her seat so she was looking at him instead of facing out of the window. “There’s always some work I can find to do.” She saw him smile, “with all these procedures that Burton keeps implementing we’ll be cataloguing each anomaly occurrence for weeks.”

As they headed out of London city and towards the suburbs, Jess questioned where they were heading.

“The cinema’s in the heart of the city get so busy. And I found this little one a few years back. Still shows all the big films, but there’s some breathing room, like the second week a film’s out and everyone who was desperate to see it already has.” Becker replied.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” She smiled, none of her previous boyfriends had thought of that, but then she hadn’t had one since lower sixth.

Becker pulled the truck into what looked like the driveway to a stately home. As they got closer, Jess noticed that it was an old home, and saw that the stables and stable yard had been converted into the car park.

He held out his hand to help her down from the truck, and didn’t let go as they crossed the cobbles. Reaching the front doors Jess noticed that as soon as you stepped inside it stopped looking like the regency house, and started looking a bit more like the movie theatre.

Becker gave her the money to get two tickets, to ‘anything you’d like’ and he went for sweets, with the instruction of ‘sweet popcorn not salted’.

“I must say thank you. I never knew this place existed and it’s wonderful.” Jess exclaimed as they got back to the truck.

“It was my pleasure, Miss Jessica.” Becker replied, helping her back into the truck.

On the way back into London they chatted away, and got to know each other a bit more. As they passed through the suburbs, Becker pulled over and jumped out. Walking round he picked Jess from the truck, and carried her into the little café.

As he got coffee’s Jess recognised where she was. She’d seen this café almost every day of her comprehensive school life. She remembered sitting at a table at the back, drinking fizzy pop and ice slushies, over her lunch break.

She was still in her little dream world when Becker arrived back, bringing chocolate cake too. “Nothing with orange.” He reassured her.


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