Last Train Home

A vingette about the journey’s which seem to take forever and the feeling of finally being home.

The journey had been long and strenuous, between a new route and emotions stretched thin all Kira wanted was to sleep. To sleep in that comfortable bed she missed from her mothers home. Pulling into the final station on her journey, a sense of home washed over her. There was still much of the road left to be travelled, but for the first time in what felt like forever her feet touched the earth in a place she could call her home.

Kira made sure to have all of her belongings with her. She’d packed everything she needed into a single suitcase and her ever present backpack. It was not quite her life, most of that still resided in packing boxes, back where she had almost run from. Her suitcase, small but heavy, stood beside her as she scanned the ever thinning crowd or a familiar face.

Her train was one of the last of the night, it had been cheap, but it only frayed her emotions further. She’d wanted to be home by the time she reached her first connection. As the station emptied for the night, and the taxi cabs began to move around, those with passengers leaving for new destinations and those without looking towards her for a fare, Kira began to wonder where her next passage home was.

Kira began to move from the platform towards the car park, whoever was picking her up would be somewhere. The message had said that someone would be there. Nearly everyone had gone now, and her nerves were beginning to shatter. Could they have forgotten her?

“Oi, Big ‘Un” the Northern drawl was recognisable to her ears.

Pulling her suitcase behind her, she picked up her pace. Throwing herself into the arms of one of the people she’d been missing most. Nearly midnight and clearly arriving at the station straight from work, was her Daddy.




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