Ink and Paper Bunnies

Today I’ve managed to plot and plan three short stories for my Camp Nano book. I’ve realised that as I haven’t written anything worth reading for a long time that it might be a little easier to begin with some pieces of fanfiction, and the “originals” will come along later. (With that thought, I’m wondering whether I should be transferring all of my writing things to this blog?)

Any how, while trying to plot and scheme I came up with my Idea for November… it’s definitely a November Entry as it’s going to require some research. That totals two writing projects that I am going to have to put a lot of extra work towards.

I’ve been writing stories for longer than I care to remember. There are old exercise books and jotters in this house somewhere with my first stories in them. I can honestly say that my writing has gotten better in some aspects, while the experiences of life have hindered my ability in others. I’ve only just discovered that I could self publish to a Kindle (or other e-reader), which is awesome.

It just appears that today is a good day for ideas, especially as I’ve rediscovered how wonderful it is to actually write instead of typing. I’m beginning to wonder why I have half finished projects on my computer instead of tucked away in notebooks. Because believe me I have lots of notebooks.

Any how I have more plotting, scheming and planning to finish: especially if I’m going to make the 50,000 word count next month.

VH x


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